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Step by step instructions for updateing ScrewTurn Wiki


Generel to both pdfsharp.net and pdfsharp.net/wiki
  • public Verzeichnis kopieren und für IIS Schreibzugriff
  • create copy of shl directory (syntax high-lighting)
  • create copy of PDFsharp Theme directory
  • patch Masterpage.master between </title> and </head> (Wiki only, styles and filters for syntax highlighting)
  • patch Masterpage.master above </body> for google analytics (both sites)
  • set web.config admin passwort ändern

Additional work for pdfsharp.net
  • nop

Additional work for pdfsharp.net/wiki
  • nop


Steps to do on the web server
  • Keep full copy of previous webs:
    • WebApps\pdfsharp.net
    • WebApps\pdfsharp.net,wiki
  • Set new random admin password
  • Clear History of Main site
  • Don´t forget to create log entry in empira sysadmin wiki under pdfsharp.net

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