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Introducing MigraDoc

MigraDoc is the “family name” of several products and tools from empira Software GmbH. MigraDoc foundation (formerly referred to as MigraDoc Lite) is the .NET library for modeling and rendering documents.

MigraDoc® is a registered trademark of empira Software GmbH, Germany.


Long long ago empira developed a print solution for an insurance company.

MigraDoc 1.0 was then developed as a more generalized document generator - written in C++ (development started before C# was available).

The current MigraDoc was newly written in C#. With its C++ predecessor it shares the MigraDoc Document Description Language DDL that can be used to persist documents.

In the beginning, MigraDoc used two 3rd party libraries to create PDF files. Then PDFsharp was written - a PDF library that perfectly matches the needs of MigraDoc. See PDFsharp Overview to read more about PDFsharp.

Start using MigraDoc

See MigraDoc Articles for information about MigraDoc.

See MigraDoc: First Steps to start programming.

Visit MigraDoc Samples to learn more about programming with MigraDoc.

Go to Downloads to get the complete C# source code with all the samples found on this site.

Overview helps you decide between PDFsharp and MigraDoc.


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