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PDFsharp’s outstanding features

Here are just a few highlights:
  • Creates PDF documents on the fly from any .NET language
  • Easy to understand object model to compose documents
  • Newly designed from scratch and written entirely in C#
  • One source code for drawing on a PDF page as well as in a window or on the printer
  • Modify, merge, and split existing PDF files
  • Images with transparency (color mask, monochrome mask, alpha mask)
  • Font embedding and subsetting
  • The graphical implementation based either on GDI+ or WPF

Start using PDFsharp

See PDFsharp Articles for information about PDFsharp.

See PDFsharp: First Steps to start programming.

Visit PDFsharp Samples to learn more about programming with PDFsharp.

Go to Downloads to get the complete C# source code with all the samples found on this site.

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