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What is PDFsharp and MigraDoc?

MigraDoc is a document generator. It supports almost anything you find in any good word processor. You just add paragraphs, tables, charts, arrange all this in sections, use bookmarks to create links, tables of contents, indexes, etc. MigraDoc will do the layout creating page breaks as needed. MigraDoc will create PDF or RTF documents.

PDFsharp is a .NET library for processing PDF file. You create PDF pages using drawing routines known from GDI+. Almost anything that can be done with GDI+ will also work with PDFsharp. Only basic text layout is supported by PDFsharp, and page breaks are not created automatically. The same drawing routines can be used for screen, PDF, or meta files.

Use PDFsharp or MigraDoc?

Mixing PDFsharp and MigraDoc

If MigraDoc does almost anything you need, then you can use MigraDoc to create PDF files and post-process them with PDFsharp to add some extra features.
Soon you'll be able to use placeholders in MigraDoc and later on use PDFsharp to draw these placeholders.

Or use PDFsharp to create the document but use MigraDoc to create individual pages. This could be the best choice if your application uses lots of graphics, but also needs some layouted text.
See the Mix MigraDoc and PDFsharp sample how to do this.

Read more about the Features.

See the PDFsharp Overview and the MigraDoc Overview.

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