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test1 - to be deleted — 37.5%

ScrewTurn Wiki is a fast, powerful and simple ASP.NET wiki engine , installs in minutes and it's available in different packages and languages, fitting every need.It's even free and opensource (but we have commercial licenses available) . v s:LatestVersion multilanguage Features Installation Administration Page Editing General Help SW Architecture Official Plugins new! 3rd-party Apps Users' Plugins Users' Themes Plugin Framework Wiki Theming Play at The Sandbox Discuss [...]

!Update Wiki to Newer ScrewTurn Version — 33.3%

Step by step instructions for updateing ScrewTurn Wiki Update Generel to both pdfsharp.net and pdfsharp.net/wiki public Verzeichnis kopieren und für IIS Schreibzugriff create copy of shl directory (syntax high-lighting) create copy of PDFsharp Theme directory patch Masterpage.master between </title> and </head> (Wiki only, styles and filters for syntax highlighting) patch Masterpage.master above </body> for google analytics (both sites) set web.config admin passwort ändern Additional work [...]

Home of PDFsharp and MigraDoc Foundation — 16.7%

[...] printer. • Overview • Features • Downloads • First Steps ' • Articles ' • Samples ' • FAQs ' • Wiki ' MigraDoc Foundation Creating documents on the fly MigraDoc Foundation the Open Source .NET library that easily creates documents based on an object model with paragraphs, tables, styles, etc. and renders them into PDF or RTF. • Overview • Features • Downloads • First Steps ' • Articles ' • Samples ' • FAQs ' • Wiki ' PDFsharp and MigraDoc Foundation are published Open Source and under the MIT License and [...]

About — 12.5%

[...] ® is a registered trademark of empira Software GmbH This web site was created with ScrewTurn Wiki version . ScrewTurn Wiki is an outstanding ASP.NET application and it is free and Open Source. We highly recommend [...]

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